WELL DOT was created to help people DO ALL THINGS WELL. With our products, workshops, and coaching, you can expect to grow in your relationships with friends, family, and the Lord. 


We equip individuals with tools to help them steward their circumstances and relationships. Our action pads, workshops, and coaching are designed to help people live in this fast-paced world and worship God WELL!


There are significant benefits of setting time aside at the end of each year to work through our reflection guide! You can attend a workshop or work through it individually. The guide has full instructions to lead you through the experience at home or in a group. Our calendar prompts you to reflect throughout the month or at the end of each month. You can keep track of things like people who cared for you or how you saw God's faithfulness in your life or the life of a friend. Both products create space and time for you to be more prayerful and open to hearing from the Lord about your circumstances and relationships. 


 These are not your typical "to do" lists, they are "to be" lists! They are tools that focus on a specific area of your life. Want to be awesome at thanking people for the nice things they do for you? Want to be a great steward of your role as a wife and mom? Want to be more intentional in your prayer life?  Each action pad has 50 worksheets to use daily, weekly, or monthly. 

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Each YEAR WELL Reflection Workshop is designed to help you put the events of your year into perspective. WELL DOT has created a unique, guided experience that allows you time to stop and reflect on the year's highs and lows. This powerful workshop will lead you to discover the significance of each day, gain perspective, and cultivate gratitude in your heart!

Our next workshop will be Saturday, November 9, 2019 in Durham, NC.

Earlybird tickets go on sale August 1, 2019.

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Rebekah Holland, the creator of WELL DOT, considers herself a worship leader. She does not have an amazing voice, nor does she play an instrument. She strives to help people worship God daily, in the mundane, during the milestones, and all year long.  She believes that your circumstances and relationships are gifts to steward well, and her passion is to help you slow down and develop a deeper friendship with God.  She hopes her products will equip you to worship by trusting God and talking to him through the tough stuff as well as the fun stuff.  Yielding to the Lord and becoming more aware of His hand in your life, and the lives of others around you, is her heart's desire. 

Rebekah is married to a hard working bi-vocational church planter. She and her husband have two young, active boys, and a sweet little girl! Rebekah graduated from Gordon College with her degree in Youth Ministries. She loves to dance, loves the color pink, and loves one on one conversation with friends, family, or strangers!


People have been asking Rebekah about the origin of the “WELL DOT” logo:  We wanted our products and logo to be instantly recognizable, something that could easily be identified with our brand.  Since the word "WELL" embodies the theme for our products and workshops, it made sense to create a symbol to highlight that word.  Rebekah’s middle name, "Dorothy," came from her grandmother, “Dottie,” a loving, hospitable woman who had a talent for creating space for people to relax and enjoy life.  Her home became a refuge for Rebekah as a child, providing a place for her to slow down and develop her growing relationship with the Lord. When she began putting together the vision and mission of this new business, it seemed fitting to combine the words “WELL” and “DOT”.  The dots and confetti in our products and photos bring an element of fun, and, to be honest, Rebekah loves polka dots!  

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Graphics, Research, and Product Design: Heather Bunker Branding https://www.heatherbunker.com

Photography: Sean True Photography http://www.seantruephotography.com

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