How It Has Felt To Launch WELL DOT

You see a shiny new website, smiling faces, and sharp photos. I see that too! It's fun! It's exciting! The confetti photos are my favorite! I love this website. It represents a lot. 

I hope people can utilize these products in a way that deeply impact their relationships with God and others. I'm grateful for the pre-orders that have already come in. I'm also thankful for the people who have decided to sign up for the workshop and for those who are trying to make a way to attend! 

I want to share more with you though. I want to share that for me this website represents a lot of tears and years of counseling sessions! Sharing my products with you is like giving you special pieces of my heart! The twisty roads and bumps in my world have been pretty painful at times. Pushing through hard stuff is super tough and has required me to utilize so many resources along the way. I can probably list one hundred people right off the top of my head that have played a role in helping me keep moving in life. Holding onto relationships and letting people help you can be so humbling and embarrassing sometimes. Believe me, I know! It's tough to be in need and to admit that. But, there's really no other way to thrive and grow. God gives us people as a BIG part of his plan to show us HIS love. 

Books are great resources! You can do lots of learning and growing by reading a book. Again, I could list a ton of books that have helped mold my thinking and my actions. As someone with my personality, and the attention space of a three year old, I have always needed extra help! Something tangible, quick, and right there! Books can take awhile to get through! I haven't always had the energy to dissect everything and get to the bottom of issues. But I've been forced to. I'm so analytical and want to get to the bottom of things. My products are the result of much of this wrestling match between my thoughts, my struggles, and and my prayers to God. These products are also something I want to get into people's hands because not everyone has time to read a whole book on marriage or communication!

You think I just created ARGUE WELL on a beautiful, warm, sunny day? Heck no. I created ARGUE WELL when for months and months my husband and I were on different pages and I was so hurt because I couldn't figure out a way to express my deep emotions about a very meaningful topic. 

THERAPY WELL just may be my favorite action pad. I have had so many counseling sessions since I was sixteen years old. I know what it is like to look for someone to help you while being in a desperate place. I know how a first session with a new counselor is usually about family history. I just hate that, by the way. Here's someone who is in a desperate place at the first session and it's never really addressed! It's a lot of gathering info! And then the counselee has to go home for a whole other week and wait to come back when they literally were about to explode in that moment. Believe me, I know family history and background info is important, but maybe one idea would be to just acknowledge their current state, that getting into your door, and actually making an appointment to see you is a really BIG DEAL! Rant over. 

I take a counseling session very seriously. When I was new to counseling I came in a mess hoping the counselor was going to be in charge and tell me what to do. I looked to them to put some things in order. But what I've realized in my professional career as a counselee (haha!) is that it's really about the counselee taking ownership. It's about us coming to a session knowing this is an opportunity for us to put somethings in order. It's not up to the counselor to do that for you. He/She can't. They play a HUGE role, don't get me wrong. But you have a major role in a therapy/counseling session. I want to help you with that. I want to help you organize the things on your mind before heading into a session or a coffee date with a mentor. I want to remind you to take notes by giving you a fun place to write. I want you to remember the things that were said that impacted you. I want you to take the next step and look into that resource or do what this wise person suggested. I also want you to make another appointment to follow up to check back in! I don't want you to go through life alone, feeling isolated, and wrestling with chaotic thoughts!

I also want you to know that going to see a therapist/counselor/mentor/pastor DOES NOT MAKE YOU WEAK. IT SHOWS THAT YOU ARE STRONG.  Strong people in their weakness seek out help. You have to. Sometimes people are stubborn for a very long time and try to do things alone. But that makes things worse. So hurry up and stop being what you think is strong--doing things alone, and call and set up a meeting with someone who cares. Strength isn't doing it alone. Strength is admitting you need others. 

I could go on and on about each product here and the background behind each of them. For instance, THANK WELL....I have just had so many pour into my life and continue to care for me. I don't take that lightly. It matters deeply to me that the Lord has blessed me with friendships and has shown me HIS LOVE though sometimes small gestures from others. I am grateful and I want to tell people. Writing a note to someone to say thank you is like worship to me! It's me acknowledging the meaningfulness of the exchange that just happened! It's me saying both thank you to an awesome human and to an awesome God!

I'm sure in many journal posts to come I will tell you more and more. But for now I just really wanted to share with you that sharing this business with you is fun, but it's also heavy! I want to be upfront about that and let you in on what I've been processing!

Love ya! Thanks for reading!


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