The Story of WELL DOT


This business started in my heart on December 31, 1999!
I was 17 years old.

I had recently begun working for a new family as a babysitter, and they asked me to care for their children on their anniversary, which was December 31st. 

Babysitting was something I had been doing for a very long time.  I started when I was eleven years old, so I was very familiar with how things went down in the evenings - playtime, dinner, bedtime routines, then, hopefully, sleep.  New Year’s Eve was a little different though. On a typical night, the parents would get home around 10:30 or 11:00. But New Year’s? You know you won’t see them until well after midnight!

On this particular night, I had gotten the kids in bed around 8:30. Their daughter was one of those kids you had to rock to sleep and then put down - hoping she didn’t wake up.  If she did, you had to hold her again until you could skillfully put her down again without waking her. Next, you had to tiptoe out of her room, skipping the parts on the rug you knew would make a noise in their old home’s flooring. On that night, I finally did it!  Okay - now what? It’s only 8:30, and I’m gonna be here for at least another four hours!

I had brought my book bag with me, and all the schoolwork I had to complete over the Christmas holiday. I had my planner and my journal, too. I started looking back through my planner and my journal entries from that year, and I wrote down everything I had done - all the events, written so small in those tiny little squares. 

After I wrote everything out in my journal, I started writing a letter to God thanking him for all the things I had experienced. I was sad about some things, and I had forgotten about a lot of things, too. I slowly began to realize that I was having a wonderful time remembering my year.  I was processing things I really hadn’t given much thought to at the time. I was making connections to things I had done, and I was remembering hard things I went through. I remember feeling, “Wow, this is amazing.” I felt like I used those four hours in a super-productive way – it was time well spent!

Well, guess what? I babysat for that family all the way through college – which included many more December 31st anniversary celebrations!  Every year, I got the kids in bed, pulled out my journal and my planner, and began to reflect! It was something I looked forward to every year. My perspective on the things I had gone through during the year began to take on a different shape. I started to feel an appreciation for the mundane things in my life, for the people who cared about me, and the experiences that made me the person I was becoming.  Years later, after I was no longer babysitting on New Year’s Eve, I still completed my special tradition! In fact, I have not missed a year since that night in 1999 – and that was 19 years ago. 




Fast forward to the Fall of 2013:  It was really on my mind, and my heart, that I should be sharing this special experience with others. I had begun to count on it, at the end of each year, to help me put things into perspective. How could I not share it? But how would I do that? How could I help someone else work through this in her own life?

I started by writing a letter to God, asking Him to help me think through it all.  Then, I typed out a bunch of long-winded questions that I hoped would lead someone to think through their experiences. I asked a few friends to look over these questions, and they edited them for me and gave me great feedback!  So, there you go – I finally had something in writing to help lead others through this unique experience!

Those first packets were like gold to me - I was so proud! Looking back, though, I’m embarrassed: Times New Roman font, white legal paper, no graphics... but, at the time, I didn’t care!  I was hosting a small group of women through something that was very special to me, and I could hardly believe it!  Since then, I’ve hosted an event every year for women using materials I’ve created to guide them through their own reflection process. It’s been a lot of fun - and a ton of work!  God has used this experience in so many powerful ways in the lives of other women.

June 15, 2017:  the actual “BIRTHDAY” of my business!  As I was preparing for the annual reflection event coming up in December, 2017, I started brainstorming, coming up with all sorts of new ideas on how to help others live more intentionally, and efficiently, in their lives and their relationships throughout the year. Lots of women who had attended my workshops were telling me how helpful it was, how grounding, and how much fun it was.  Their encouragement really got the ball rolling for me, and I felt my dream taking on a new shape in my heart. I was ready to take this idea of mine to the next level. I was on cloud nine – then reality struck! 

On June 28, 2017, I was in a terrible car accident. A woman pulled out in front of me as she was making a left turn and hit me head on. Wow! I had NEVER been in an accident like that, and I can tell you I never want to be again. I had no idea how that day would impact my body, my mind, and my heart - emotionally, physically and spiritually. The accident put a major road block in the way of me pursuing my business, and I was really bummed. I still wanted to pursue my ideas, but I realized I would have to do so at a pace I could handle.

Slowly, I began to set up meetings with lawyers and my entrepreneur friends. I read a book on launching a business and gathered lots of information. I met some amazing people who’ve helped me a lot on my journey. I made progress, one step at a time, and, of course, I was praying through each one of those steps. Despite the huge speed bump that the accident had placed in my way, I would still pursue launching this business, even at a snail’s pace. I wasn’t going to let the accident dominate my life and determine the direction it was going. I would care for myself well, but I would not neglect this dream deep in my heart!

In December 2017, I hosted the 4th Annual Reflection Workshop. In 2018, I began working with an awesome graphic designer who’s helping me take my reflection guides to another level! I've gotten so much feedback from people wanting something to help them be more reflective and intentional throughout the year, so I created a monthly reflection calendar. I've also created some practical everyday reflection tools to help you do many things WELL! 

Every year, the day of the Reflection Workshop is like Christmas Day for me – I get to love and serve others and, hopefully, help show them how valuable they are – I feel like a princess on a mission for her King!  When the day is done, I may be totally worn out, but my heart is BURSTING with JOY!  I’m hoping the people who attend my workshops, or buy my products, are acquiring the tools they need to be more reflective, and live more intentionally, in the coming year. 

Reflection is the heart of my business and the heart of my products. The reflection process itself is not just a tool that I use once a year at my workshop.  Over the years it has become the basis, the main ingredient for how I do life well!  After 19 years, I’ve learned to be more intentional. I can take a step back and think things through, because I see the big picture!  I’m reminded of God’s faithfulness to me, because I’ve seen prayers about challenging things and hard circumstances answered, even years after I’ve prayed about them.   That makes me want to pray well!  I’ve become a more grateful person, because I’ve reflected on things people have done for me.  That makes me want to thank well!  

Reflection has become a foundational part of my personal relationship with God.  It has helped me get to know Him deeply.  Without it, I may not have been able to see purpose in painful circumstances or recognize Him working even if He seemed silent. I want to share this yearly reflection process with others! It's too awesome to keep to myself! I also want to share very practical tools that incorporate reflection and help you in many areas of your life.  I pray that, through my workshops, products, and coaching, you will deeply enjoy the faithful love of God and recognize how He is shaping you through your circumstances and relationships.

Rebekah Holland