My husband was speaking to someone the other day asking questions wondering what WELL DOT is all about. My husband started talking about our action pads  and going through how they can help someone out. The man listening is a smart guy and quickly blurted out, "Oh I get it, they're TO BE lists, not TO DO lists!" 

Yes! Yes! Yes! I couldn't have said it better myself! This is such a great way to explain what these pads are all about. 

These pads are not supposed to make you feel stressed or pressured. They are supposed to help relieve stress and pressure! They have the potential to turn your responsibilities and roles into prayer and relationship with the Lord day to day! 

A few examples...

As a mom of two young kids and one on the way, I can't wait to get my hands on WIFE WELL. I want TO BE more intentional about my love and care for my husband! It's so easy for him to get lost in the shuffle! 

I get easily overwhelmed and stressed when schedules get a little crazy. I love PRAY WELL because it helps me TO BE intentional about writing out what is worrying me! Then I can stop worrying and start praying!  It also help me TO BE someone who is remembering others in my prayer life and not just me focussed on my world. 

Also, I want TO BE someone who sees disagreements and challenges with my husband as opportunities. I don't want to think of them as negative things that bring me down! God's Word says to REJOICE IN YOUR TRIALS. This verse used to get me a lot and sometimes still does, but I want this to change me and change the way I view conflict. That's why I love ARGUE WELL. It helps me steward the opportunity of a challenging topic in my marriage instead of seeing it as another wedge between us! (It's also useful to talk through something tough with a friend!)

That's why I consider these action pads worship tools! They help make adjustments in your heart TO BE better at worshiping God in your roles and responsibilities! 

Do you see what I mean? These action pads take you beyond TO DO lists, my friend! I hope to get better and better at sharing what all of these products really are and the heart behind them. 

Love ya!



Rebekah Holland