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YEAR WELL Reflection Workshop
Reviews and Recap Video



Durham, NC

Workshops are not my thing at all….however, Rebekah Holland’s “Reflection Workshop” is not a typical workshop.  There’s no classroom, you’re not tied to your chair while a talking head drones on at the front of the room, and you’re never called on to break into groups and role-play – Praise the Lord!  

Rebekah has created an event that’s actually fun, even for us introverts – casual setting, good food, colorful, interesting packets to work with – in an atmosphere where you can sit back and actually reflect on your year gone by.  Her thoughtfully-designed workbooks help you analyze the good and the bad, the happy and the sad, the best and the worst, and when you’re finished, you can share it with others if you’d like, or you can keep it to yourself.  No judgments. 

Often, our lives are so hectic, we don’t take the time to think about what we’re doing, to discuss it with God, and then listen for His answers and His leading.  The “Reflection Workshop” provides an opportunity to do just that.  This will be my third one coming up, and I wouldn’t miss it for anything.

Knightdale, NC

Make plans to be at the year well reflection event at the end of this year! Rebekah’s reflection packet had such a major impact on my life two years ago. I learned so much by looking back over my year. I was able to see God’s hand and provision during difficult seasons and I walked into the new year with a heart full of joy and gratitude and fresh inspiration/direction to make my next year even better. Looking back and processing each year has given me eyes to see my own personal growth through a different lens. I also love that every year she adds to it and has made it even more incredible. 
I am counting down the days until her other products hit the presses. I can’t wait to use Mom Well, Wife Well, Pray Well and Thank Well! I’m also ordering Husband Well for my man! :) 
I love WELL DOT!!

Durham, NC

I can get so busy with my schedule, I miss the blessings that come my way.  Taking time to reflect on the past year helped me see all the many blessings God has sent my way,  big and small.  Came away with a new sense of gratitude! I loved the interactions with other women. The atmosphere accomplished the goal of making me feel loved and significant. 


I've been coming to this workshop for 3 years now. I covet the time to reflect on the year. I don't usually make time to sit and think about life, the universe and everything--or my role in it. I don't stop to reflect on how God has acted in my life and in the lives of those close to me. This time gives me the space to do that. 



I loved the fruit, flowers, and sitting with friends! I didn't really want to come because I had a really bad last two months and I wasn't ready to process it. But I am so glad I came. It helped me remember all the good parts of this year and gain a better perspective.

Durham, NC

Hands down, what amazed me about this event was how God used it in my life.  I had been struggling in an area, and slowing down allowed God to show me the root of a sin that had crept up in my life.  There it was, staring at me on the page, and I hadn't even thought of it as a problem going into the event.  It was pretty awesome.


I loved realizing that other women shared similar experiences, stresses, and fears and I loved the feeling of togetherness that it brought. 

Rock hill, SC

I loved ladies being together, the beautiful setting, the table settings, food displays, and that there was plenty of food! I appreciated the realness of each lady as well.